Friday, April 22, 2011

Changes are coming!

Dear loyal followers and new discoverers, alike,

A Second Chance is moving over to a new domain and changing it's name to 3 Pups in a Pop-up. You can find it at 
The reason for this is our upcoming adventure will begin soon, and it makes sense to change over to my new domain. Please follow me there and keep up with me, kismet and roxie as we travel the country and canada in order to raise awareness of homeless pets.

i hope to see you on the road or in one of my soon to be completed children's books! thank you for your continued support!

with love and hope,

sir chauncey, defender of the underdog.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the pup up

hihihihihi! guess what??? Mommy and Diddy bought a pop up camper yesterday and this summer we're going on the road! me and kizzy and roxie are so excited! we'll get to see most of the country and Canada for several months.

mommy and diddy will volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary  in Utah, and then guess what???? I get to go sailing in the San Juan Islands!!!!!!  ooohhhhhhh! i love to sail!

here's a picture of me on the sailboat this weekend. I had stolen a strawberry out of mommy's drink. (did you know i love to eat anything red??)

anyway, when we got off the boat, the dock manager got mad and said "no dogs allowed" so you know what i did?? i peed on the office door!  hahahahahaa!

anyway, here is the pop up now named the "pup up" and we will be promoting animal rescue on our travels. she will be home sweet home for several months! i'll be blogging about my trip and all of our wonderful adventures, like kismet and roxie did 2 years ago in vancouver. see kismet and roxie's x-cellent adventures here.

i'll write more later, i have to go put my rescue bumper sticker on the pup up now!