Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow, snow, beautiful, wunderful SNOW!

ohmygosh! mommy has been telling me about how wunderful snow is, but until this week, i've never actually seen it! (well, i might have seen it in my homeless lifetime, but there was nothing beautiful about it then!)
Here's a video of me and mommy sledding down the driveway

so, sunday nite when it started snowing reel hard, mommy and diddy were so excited. they took me and my brudder, kizzy, and sissy, roxie, outside to see it. roxie, she's reel parktik, pertik, she's doesn't like  (click on "read more" for more pictures!)

to get her feet wet or cold, so she ran inside. (mommy did manage to get some pics of her before she ran inside, tho. doesn't she look like a fox")
but kizzy, well, he's a tibetan terror, and they have built-in snowshoes, so he's cool with it. unfortunately, he flat-out refused to get his pikture took, because his hair was a hot mess!
me? i thot it was great fun to try to catch the big fluffy flakes in my mouth, or chase them, but they kept disappearing.
the next morning, everything was white. mommy called it a winter wonderland. and you know what? it was! especially since they can't get out of the driveway, so they stayed home most of the time (except mommy went to play on her sled with the little kidz in the neighborhood).
when she came back, she took me sledding. ohmygosh! it was so much fun! look at my video and tell me what you think!
i think snow is wunderful now, too!

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