Wednesday, February 2, 2011

anudder great day!

hi hi hi hi! ooohhhhh! last weekend was soooo beautiful! after being iced in for a week, then lots of ickky rain, the sun came out and mommy and diddy took all three of us-- sister roxie, brudder kismet and me, on a nice 5-mile hike. we went to the chattahoochee river national recreation area, where there are lots of different trails to explore. this time we did the gold branch trail.

surprisingly, there weren't that many people on the trail, even though it was 68 and sunny. and because there weren't many people, we got to practice going off-leash. well, not completely off leash, kizzy and i had to drag our leashes, because kizzy tends to run off (he's a terror, er, terrier,  remember) and mommy didn't know how i would behave.
roxie is a herder, so she always stays close by, to make sure mommy and diddy stay together and in order. she tries to herd me and kizzy by nipping at our faces, but we don't like that and try to stay away from her.
anyway, mommy had treats with her, so we practiced the "recall" drill, where me and kiz would go off and she would call us back and then give us a treat when we came back.  hahahahaha! i never had any intention of running off, but i played her little "game" and got lots of treats!
it was a very, very good day!

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